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” vibe Pronunciation: vI-‘b Function: noun Date: 1655 …3 a : a characteristic emanation, aura, or spirit that infuses or vitalizes someone or something and that can be instinctively sensed or experienced — emotional atmosphere capable of being sensed…

Established in 2001 Vertical Vibe’s music services are specialized in sound for picture. Whether it be image trailers, product videos, or motion picture films, we strive to bring your images to the next level with our custom audio productions. Our over 25 years of experience in the business have proven to us time and time again: No matter what your sector, product or film – Only communications that evoke emotions are messages that will remain embedded in the minds of your target audience. Give your visual communications the chance they deserve to reach their maximum potential with our tailor made audio crafted to perfection.

Be remembered!
In the end it’s all about the vibe….